Our Services

Our Prices

Daily Rates (or part thereof):

  • 1 Cat: £11.00
  • 2 Cats Sharing: £17.50
  • 3 Cats Sharing: £23.00
  • 4 Cats Sharing: £28.00
  • 5 Cats Sharing: £32.50
  • 6 Cats Sharing: £36.00

Only cats from the same household may share the same cabin


Our Terms

  • Payment on day of arrival by cash, credit card, debit card, or cheque
  • A deposit is required if booking for peak periods
  • Viewing welcome during opening hours only
  • Every day is charged for including day of arrival and day of departure
  • Prices include heating & food
  • If you return early from your holiday to collect your cat you will not be refunded

Health & Vaccinations

  • All guests must be fit and healthy and proof of vaccinations produced on arrival.
  • Any medical conditions discussed at time of booking or upon arrival.
  • All guest must be treated for fleas and worms.
  • If guests are shown to have fleas or worms during their stay with us they will be treated and the cost charged upon collection.

  • Should our guests appear unwell during their stay we will consult a vet.
  • Any fees incurred are the responsibility of the owner upon return.

  • Unneutered male cats - We are unable to board unneutered male cats over the age of 7 months