About Us

Who We Are

Yeomanry Cats is run by Pat and Sally after they took it over from the previous owners Trevor and Lynne.

Sally and Pat have always aspired to have their own cattery and between them have a fantastic amount of experience to ensure your animals are provided the best care possible.

Pat has been working with the RSPCA since the 1970's and is still until this day a member and supports the charity. She has gained masses of experience working alongside RSPCA inspectors, working within kennels, working alongside veterinary practices, collecting rehoming and neutering animals. She also worked within a cattery with Sally for 7+ years, and is now very excited to be moving on to this new adventure.

Sally has grown up around animals due to her parents involvement throughout her life with the RSPCA. She has fond memories of an owl flying around her parents living room, and a swan in the bath waiting to be collected. She has also always enjoyed working with cats, and worked at a cattery for 12+ years until 2015. Since then Sally had a change of pace and worked at a veterinary referral Centre for animals requiring critical care where she was able to gain a lot of experience in supporting animals through their treatment.


What We Do

The Cattery aims to provide as homely and caring an environment for cats as we are able, including soft, comfortable chairs and beds, whilst not scrimping on cleanliness and disinfection routines in any way. We use high quality, highly effective and safe, veterinary and Defra approved chemicals for daily cleaning and disinfection.

We provide our guests:

  • Very comfortable and homely accommodation
  • Heated cabins with chairs, soft cushions, and rugs
  • Spacious cabins of various sizes some catering for up to six cats from the same family
  • Access to outside runs with scratch post 24 hours a day
  • Most of the pens have an outside running adjacent to the garden, to allow easy observation of the abundant wildlife and vegetation
  • Views of a large pond with a variety of fish, frogs, toads, and dragonflies
  • A large water fountain providing the constant sound of falling water
  • Frequent visits of wild birds